Options Property  

Gets and sets the options for the current object.


object.Options [= options ]


The Options property returns or modifies the options used for retrieving and sending files. The value is represented as one or more bit flags which may be combined using the logical or operator. The following options are defined:

Value Constant Description
1 fileOptionNoCache This instructs an HTTP server to not return a cached copy of the resource. When connected to an HTTP 1.0 or earlier server, this directive may be ignored.
4096 fileOptionSecureImplicit This option specifies that the client should immediately negotiate for a secure session upon establishing a connection with the server. This is the default method for connecting to a secure HTTP server and may also be used with FTP servers that accept secure connections on port 990.
8192 fileOptionSecureExplicit This option specifies that the client should use the AUTH server command to tell an FTP server that it wishes to explicitly negotiate a secure connection. This requires that the server support the AUTH TLS or AUTH SSL commands. Some servers may not require this option, and some may require the option only if a port other than 990 is specified. If this option is specified, the Secure property will automatically be set to True.
16384 fileOptionSecureShell This option specifies that the client should use the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol to establish the connection. This option will automatically be selected if the connection is established using port 22, the default port for SSH, and is only required if the server is configured to use a non-standard port number.

Data Type

Integer (Int32)


' The Ipswitch WS_FTP server supports explicit, secure connections
' using the AUTH command
FileTransfer1.Options = fileOptionSecureExplicit

See Also

Secure Property, Connect Method