OutputFile Property  

Gets and sets the name of the file that the encoded or decoded data will be written to.


object.OutputFile [= filename ]


The OutputFile property specifies the name of the default output file that will be created when a when the DecodeFile or EncodeFile methods are used. If the file exists, it must be a regular file that can be opened for writing by the current process and will be overwritten. If the file does not exist, it will be created. An error will be returned if a character device, such as the console, is specified as the file name.

Note that it is permitted to specify an empty string as the output file name. In this case, the control will create a temporary file in the directory specified by the TEMP environment variable. After the file has been decoded or encoded, this property will be set the name of the temporary file that has been created. It is the responsibility of the application to delete this temporary file after it is no longer needed.

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