Backlog Property  

Gets and sets the number of client connections that may be queued by the server.


object.Backlog [= backlog ]


The Backlog property specifies the maximum size of the queue used to manage pending connections to the service. If the property is set to value which exceeds the maximum size for the underlying service provider, it will be silently adjusted to the nearest legal value. There is no standard way to determine what the maximum backlog value is.

This property should be set to the desired value before the Start method is called. The default backlog value is 5 on all Windows platforms. The Windows Server platforms support a maximum backlog value of 200.

Note that this property does not specify the total number of connections that the server application may accept. It only specifies the size of the backlog queue which is used to manage pending client connections. Once the client connection has been accepted, it is removed from the queue. Set the MaxClients property to specify the maximum number of clients that may connect with the server.

Data Type

Integer (Int32)

See Also

IsListening Property, MaxClients Property, Start Method, Throttle Method, OnAccept Event